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Why Am I Alive,

has been 40 years in the making!
And now that it's here,
Here is what readers are saying:

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What a roller coaster! Well written. Once I started I could hardly put the book down.
-Jason Arrowsmith

I was breathless and fear-ridden as I read this story! Courage, survival instincts, snap decisions, and an amazing ability to overcome "instant fear" kept this author alive.
-Gracie Slavik

The Author has a finely honed skill/talent for describing a multitude of complex thoughts during physically, adventurous events. It makes for wonderfully, addictive reading! I loved every moment. Twice read…. The second time was just as good as the first. A rarity in my experience.
-Joe Maher

The internal arguments the Author has within himself as these seemingly ‘impossible to survive’ situations occur seem to stop time.
-Deborah Roeber

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