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About Paul Woyak

Paul Woyak has been a water explorer all his life - everything from lake swimming, to ocean diving, kayak fishing, wake boarding, Sea Doo riding, but especially surfing, lots and lots of surfing!

He still finds time to take an ocean swim at Surf Beach once a week. It's sharky water, but he doesn't have time for anything else. Taking his grandkids surfing and skin diving is how he stays young!

Paul grew up in Wisconsin, moved out to California and saw the Pacific Ocean and that was it, he never looked back.

He went through the Marine Tech Diving Program at Santa Barbara City College, but lost the ability to go deep due to "surfers ear." Subsequently he landed a job as a commerical fisherman diving for sea urchins out of Santa Barbara.

Sea Urchin diving paid well and he had a growing family to raise, so diving the Channel Islands for money became his new career. It was exhilarating, but it also proved to be treacherous and unforgiving.

His book "Why Am I Alive" is about 3 major life changing events that happened to him while diving at the Channel Islands. One was with a giant great white shark, and the other challenging situations that confronted him afterwards. Against all odds he survived his shark encounter and then the other two events which left him pondering the question we all seem to have; "Why Am I Alive?"

Paul has always thought about writing this book, and one day four years ago, he finally decided; it's time!

If you enjoyed these stories, keep an eye out, he's planning to write a whole series of "Why Am I Alive" books!

Adventure was his reality; and now in his 60's he's reliving it but in a much safer environment.